The 25 stars you want to see read the CBeebies bedtime story in 2017

Oooh - there are some surprises on this list!


Our Facebook post letting you guys know that Bronson actor Tom Hardy will be reading the CBeebies bedtime story on New Year’s Eve (along with his dog Woodstock – just when you thought it couldn’t get any better ? ) was pretty much the most successful post MFM had this year.


It caused more than a flurry – it positively broke the internet in a way only a Kardashian normally would.

And we figured that sharing this incredible news would be a good opportunity to find out from our very own mums who would be on their wish list for the coveted bedtime story slot in 2017.

And you were very happy to tell us. ?

Here – in no particular order – are your favourites for next year.

And don’t worry – we’ll be sending this list along to the Beeb pronto to see what they can do.

Fingers crossed!

Your CBeebies bedtime story wish list 2017

1. Kate Beckinsale

2. Bradley Cooper

3. Aidan Turner

4. Cillian Murphy

5. Ewan McGregor

6. Adam Levine

7. Matthew McConaughey

8. Jamie Dornan


9. Kit Harrington

10. Tom Jones

11. Gerard Butler

12. Lee Mead

13. Robbie Williams

14. Chris Hemsworth

15. Tom Hiddlestone

16. Gavin Rossdale

17. Chris Pine

18. David Beckham

19. Dominic West

20. David Mitchell


21. Ryan Reynolds

22. Sean Bean

23. Jason Statham

24. Channing Tatum

25. Hugh Jackman

What do you think?

Anyone who’s not on the list you thunk should be? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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