The amazing story behind little Asher’s first ever modelling job

'This handsome boy is ready to show the world what changing the face of beauty is really about'


If ever there was an outright 100% charming cutie-pie, little Asher from Georgia, USA, is it.


So it’s no wonder his mum Meagan submitted pics of her gorgeous boy to a modelling agency following a casting call-out in the hope they’d take him on.

Instead though – she got a reply saying the company hadn’t ‘requested a special needs baby’ and the agency refused to pass his pics on.

Not to be put off – in fact, spurred to make a change by the rejection – Meagan got in touch with a US organisation which identifies companies that don’t use people with disabilities in their campaigns and decided on kids clothing company OshKosh as the one she was going to target to send Asher’s photos to.

Facebook page Kids With Down’s Syndrome picked up on the story – and so did OshKosh, who will now be using Asher to model items from their Christmas range.


Speaking about the journey she’s been on with little Asher, Meagan told ABC news:

“”I was hurt. I was really hurt… I’m seeing this baby that I think would be a huge contribution to the modelling world.

“He didn’t even get the chance to be rejected by (the children’s clothing company) because he never even got submitted. I felt angry.

“My real goal for Asher in life is just for him to be included. I want him to be included with his peers when he goes to school. I want him to be included when he is an adult and he is going to work.

“I just want him to be able to live in a world where he has full inclusion and he is accepted for who he is, not for his diagnosis.”

WE totally get that Meagan – and it’s good to see that more and more companies are taking into account differently-abled children in their campaigns and with their products.

Mini Boden, for example, featured little Holly Greenhow, who has athetoid cerebral palsy, in one of their campaigns and following a mum’s campaign, Lego now includes disabled figures in some of its sets.

More of this, please! And Asher – we think you are adorable ?

Images: Meagan Richter Nash on Facebook / Oshkosh

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