The biggest surprises of 2011

With plenty of unexpected celebrity pregnancies, record-breaking babies and that child's plaything worth thousands, it's been a surprising year!


Every year brings its “OMG!” moments, but 2011 has had more than its fair share. From Lily’s wedding dress bump getting us all excited to Beyonce’s rather public pregnancy announcement, there have been plenty of great news headlines this year. Here are the stand-out stories for MFM…


Celebrity surprises

Rod Stewart had no sooner welcomed his eighth when we found out in April that his daughter Kimberly was expecting her first – with none other than actor Benicio del Toro!

We were so happy for Lily Allen when she debuted her surprise baby bump at her wedding in June. Lily gave birth in December but still hasn’t revealed her baby name – and we’re dying to find out!

Also in June, we were rather surprised to hear organic super-mummy Gwenyth Paltrow worries that her children are addicted to video games. Nice to know even the most wholesome of celeb mums gives in to her children’s demands!

In the summer of 2011, Katie Holmes‘ daughter Suri Cruise made the headlines (was it a slow news day?) by stepping out in flat shoes. Given how much Suri’s shoe wardrobe is reportedly worth, there had to be at least one pair!

The winner of the best pregnancy announcement of the year prize is definitely Beyonce. Not that unexpected, as we knew she was planning on pregnancy by 30, but the way she did it broke even Twitter’s gossip records.

And the award for most secretive has to go to Hugh Grant, who was outed as a new dad by the papers a full month after his baby daughter was born. We hope he’s got around to registering her by now!

Aelita Andre sold her first masterpiece at age 2

Surprises in the real world

We started riffling through our little ones’ old works of art after this 4-year-old sold a painting for a whopping £16,000. Get than finger painting on eBay, pronto!

In August we marvelled at the mum who gave birth to two baby boys from two separate wombs.

In October we were amazed at the size of Britain’s biggest baby in 20 years, born naturally with only gas and air. All of MFM was cringing in sympathy.


And while you’re sorting though those Picasso-in-the-making drawings, it’s worth checking out the toy box, too. One little girl’s favourite plaything turned out to be a Royal jewel worth £4,000.

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