Is it a cinema? Is it a soft-play centre? Actually, it's BOTH! This is Cinépolis Juniors, a new type of 'family cinema experience' set to open in Los Angeles and San Diego, in the US, towards the end of March 2017.


It's basically a regular movie theatre but it only shows children's films. It's kitted out with brightly coloured bean-bag seats and lounge chairs, and serves 'kids' favourite snacks'. And it has a special 55-foot jungle gym play area, complete with slides, 'fun forest bags', 'wobble hoppers', climbable animal sculptures and miniature merry-go-rounds.

The US entertainment title Variety reports that Cinépolis, the Mexican theatre chain behind the concept, wants parents to 'feel at ease and kids feel right in their element as they watch their new favourite film'.

Hmmm ?

While the idea is certainly an original one, we can see that the reaction to it on Twitter has been rather mixed so far, with some parents loving it and others REALLY not:

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Those who hate the idea have pointed out that the kids (and grown-ups) who want to watch the film probably won't be able to enjoy it much if there are other children bouncing around in the jungle gym alongside.

And the room, we presume, would need some lighting while the film's on – so it may end up feeling more like a soft-play venue than a place to watch the latest flicks.

That said, some people really liked the idea, with one commenter writing:

"This is brilliant... so long as they... introduce ambient lighting to allow parents to see kids."

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Images: Twitter/Variety

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