Just a couple of days ago, Luisa Zissman seemed pretty chilled about the imminent arrival of her unborn daughter.


She told one fan on social media that she doesn’t really believe in due dates, and she’s prepared to ride out her 2nd pregnancy to the 42 week stage.

She was also asking if her pregnant followers had considered getting a membrane sweep.

But we reckon she might be a little bit anxious to meet her 6-year-old daughter Dixie’s new sibling – at least judging by her latest Instagram post.

The businesswoman and former Celeb Big Brother star shared a glowy pic of herself soaking in a clary sage bath.

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She captioned the selfie:

“Soaking in a clary sage bath.... ? stinks wonder if it will speed up princess arrival?! #clarysage #waitingforbaby #9monthspregnant”

In case you don’t know, clary sage is an herbal plant often made into an aromatherapy oil - and some people reckon a drop or two in the bath can help induce labour. It’s generally considered safe for use during pregnancy (and labour).

No word yet on whether Luisa’s clary sage bath did anything to encourage birth - though some of our MFM mums have had mixed experiences with it.

But we can totally understand where Luisa’s coming from right now… sometimes, you just can’t wait any longer and the excitement at the thought of meeting your newborn for the first time takes over! Or you're just curious to see if one of these tricks will actually work.

Maybe you're just ready to be not-pregnant after 9 long months ?

We wonder if she’s tried any of the other popular ways to induce labour - like eating spicy foods and drinking raspberry leaf tea.

We’d LOVE to hear your stories – which of these tricks did you try?

Did any of them work? Or did you just want to ride your pregnancy out?

Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Images: Instagram / Luisa Zissman

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