The exact (to the minute) worst time to be a parent

Dinner, baths and bedtime push mums and dads' stress levels to the edge


What time of the day is the worst to be a mum or dad? Well, thanks to the stress of dinner, baths and bedtime pushing parents’ stress levels up, it’s precisely 5.08pm, according to a survey of more than 1,000 parents by Privilege Insurance.


Welcome to the witching hour

The finding will come as no surprise to mums and dads of young children – between 5pm and 7pm is probably when you’re most likely to find yourself trying to rationally explain why tipping your tea on the floor, or swinging the cat by his tail is not acceptable, or you start crying into the leftovers yourself as you comfort a sobbing child.

The survey revealed that parents spend 177 days – almost 6 months – of their lives feeding, bathing and putting their children to bed before they reach the age of 10, which we’re sure you’ll agree is an awfully long time!

The main reason for rising stress levels is repeating instructions – up to 30 times during the 70 minute evening routine, researchers said. Many parents asked said dinner was a nightmare with children refusing to eat or finish their food and trying to get up or fighting with their siblings.

Bedtime stress

Almost 1 in 6 parents said baths were the worst time and 25% said bed time with some children taking an hour to get off to sleep.

The school run, homework and the weekly shop also added to parents’ stress.

The research was carried out in an online survey of 1,1012 UK parents with children aged 10 or under, earlier this month.

What’s your worst time of your day as a parent? And lets put a positive spin on things – what’s you’re favourite?

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