The future’s bright for Christmas 2012

MFM delves into a treasure trove of treats at the Bright PR press day


Here’s a bright idea – instead of waiting for your child to write a last-minute letter to Santa then rushing around the shops in a blind panic and fruitlessly searching online before throwing your computer down the stairs in a frenzied fit of ire (sound familiar?), get a head start on Christmas 2012 by casting your eyes the Bright PR Christmas press event, showcasing everything you will need to guarantee your brood are cheery and cherubic come the big day.


Bright PR look after some of the names most likely to appear on your child’s gift list for 2012 including LEGO, DUPLO, Dunelm Mill and esteemed purveyors of all things sweet and sticky, Divine Chocolate and Jelly Belly. Counterfeit Kris Kringles take note: this is your golden ticket to a stress-free festive season.

Have you got a little princess in your family? Then her wish shall be granted with LEGO DUPLO’s range of Disney Princess Sets; pastel hued and unashamedly girly we are particularly enamoured of the stocking sized Sleeping Beauty’s Room, £9.99, or Cinderella’s Castle, £39.99, a towering pink palace complete with super-cute dinky little handsome prince. Almost as cute, in fact, as the menagerie of animals your child can collect and care for with DUPLO LEGOville Baby Zoo, £9.99.

Less sugary-sweet but equally appealing for young construction fans are the new Lego Lord Of The Rings, from £11.99, dark, brooding and mysterious, each set tells a story and will have valiant young adventurers playing out epic battles between good and evil while you relax with a cup of tea.

Speaking of which, a cup of tea is nothing without a little sweet treat on the side so indulge your wicked temptation while retaining a virtuous glow with bite-sized Divine Chocolate Christmas Trees, £4, a fair-trade stocking filler that is equally well suited to being left out for, and polished off by, Santa. For the countdown to Christmas the Divine Chocolate Advent Calendar, £4, will satisfy your child’s morning chocolate cravings and, with its bold colour scheme could spruce up your festive decoration effort to boot.


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