The heartwarming friendship of 4-year-old girl and her bulldog in pictures

Amazing images captured by photographer mum of her daughter and grumpy-faced dog’s growing friendship


A girl’s best friend

As 4-year-old Harper poses in her pink tutu and bunny mask, Lola, 7, poses next to her in a matching mask.


But there’s something unusual about the picture snapped by photographer, and Harper’s mum Rebecca Leimbach… Harper’s playmate is a dog.

And not just any dog, but a huge English Bulldog.

The pair couldn’t be any more different but Rebecca reveals that they share a special bond.

Talking to Today, she said: “ When Harper was a baby, Lola would always try to get in the frame and I’d tell her to ‘beat it’.”

Rebecca and her husband Christopher experienced several years of IVF treatments before Harper came along.

She calls infertility the “struggle of my life,” and says she’s always wanted a sibling for Harper. “It weighed on me every time IVF would fail.”

But then came the day that Harper emerged from her playroom dressed as a princess alongside Lola, wearing a full tutu, necklaces and a tiara.

Lola was the playmate she had been yearning for Harper to have all along.

The 40-year-old from Michigan, US said: “That’s when I realised, I’m not going to feel bad about not giving her a sibling.

“Lola is filling a bit of that void.”

But it isn’t all laughs and Lola sometimes gets her own back for Harper’s frequent dressing up games.

Rebecca said: “About every other day, I hear, ‘Mom! She took my apples! She took my carrots! She ate my toy!’”

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