The real reason mums spend less on their second baby

Parents learn what’s really essential as their family grows, says survey


A survey has revealed that one fifth of mums spend £200 less on baby number two than on their first-born.


The reasons for this drop in expenditure is because parents learn not to spend money on things they don’t need by the time they have their second child.

Sainsbury’s Little Ones, who carried out the research, found that four out of five mums had bought “unnecessary items” for their first child, with one fifth admitting they were left with superfluous newborn shoes and one third saying designer clothes were the most pointless purchase of all.

With baby number two, many of the mums surveyed had wised up to what the essentials really are, with one fifth using hand-me-downs and one third switching to supermarket own-brand wipes and nappies.

Those questioned also reported feeling more relaxed about other aspects of motherhood the second time around, with over 50% giving up daily baby weigh-ins, 40% not over-sterilising utensils and 15% ceasing to iron muslin squares.

The savvy second-time parents were also more likely to request specific gifts from friends and family, presumably to avoid doubling up on things they don’t need.

Well, you know what they say, practise makes perfect! 


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