A schoolboy who had spent HOURS learning his times tables – and had them perfectly memorised – didn't get top marks in his test, because the poster he'd used to learn them was wrong.


Mum Kelly Haynes was fuming when her 8-year-old son came home from school in a tizz because he'd been marked down on his 12 times table. But it turned out the error was down to a times table poster she'd bought him from the 99p Store.

Kelly, 25, from Islington, North London, realised the dud poster reads 12x12 is 148, not the correct 144.

"My 8-year-old is starting to do proper times tables in school so I thought I'd help him out with a treat," she said.

"He had a test one Friday and came back really upset and said, 'I got one wrong I put 148 for 12 x 12 and they said it was a mistake but it's not.'

"I said: 'The answer is 144, honey' and he went 'No it's not, my poster says it's 148.'


"When we got home I saw he was right, and he was still so upset and demanded I take them down because he would have got 100 per cent in his test if there wasn't this huge mistake.

"I bought them from the 99p Store and I complained three weeks ago.

"I'm so annoyed though, it's embarrassing."

An apology email from 99p Stores said: "The supplier has been in contact saying they made all the amendments to the poster when redesigning them.

"They will be in contact soon and send a poster free of charge."

Hmmm, we don't think a free replacement poster is quite enough. Perhaps 99 lines for 99p Stores would be a good idea: "I do know my 12 times table. I do know my 12 times table..."

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