Why was Gordon Ramsay banned from parents’ evening?

The top TV chef says he was asked not to come back to daughter Tilly's school for subsequent meetings...


Dad-of-4 Gordon Ramsay admitted in a recent magazine interview that he was barred from attending parent’s evening.


In a chat with Vegas magazine, Gordon revealed he wasn’t a hit at his children’s school after finally showing up to the regular parent-teacher catch-up session.

(We’re not sure whether the Ramsay kids are educated in Los Angeles, where the family has a home, or in the UK… but either way…)

“I failed at turning up for parents evening at my kids’ school,” he first admitted.

“And then when I went to the next one with my youngest, Tilly, I asked the headmaster for a selfie, after which I got kicked out, and so I really f***** that one up!

“The following day I received an email saying: “Can you please refrain from the next parents evening – we do not need the presence of Mr Ramsay.”

LOL. We can’t say our last parents’ evening involved a selfie with the headteacher.

But it’s good to know that celeb parents can be a tad embarrassing too, right?

We’re also a little confused as to why it was Gordon asking for the selfie, rather than the teacher wanting to prove he’s been hanging out with a huge TV star… ?

It doesn’t seem Gordon elaborated much further on his lifetime ban than that.

But luckily, Gordon – who has 17-year-old Megan, 14-year-old Tilly and 16-year-old twins Jack and Holly with his wife Tana – won’t need to go to parent’s evening for too much longer!

What do you think?

Have you ever been embarrassing at parent’s evening – or heard about any parents who have? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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