Frankie and Wayne's birth dates:

Francesca 'Frankie' Bridge (nee Sandford), born 14 January 1982
Wayne Michael Bridge, born 5 August 1980


Frankie and Wayne's children:

Parker Bridge, born 18 October 2013
Carter Bridge, born 15 August 2015

Wayne's child with ex Vanessa Perroncel:

Jaydon Jean Claude Bridge, born 21 November 2006. Wayne met model Vanessa Perroncel in 2005, they split in 2009.

Frankie and Wayne's relationship timeline

Then-England footballer Wayne met former S Club 8 and The Saturdays singer Frankie not long after the split, in 2010.

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They were reportedly set up at a party by mutual pal James Corden.

James said later: "I got their phone numbers and I put each other's number in the phones and I said, 'I want this to work.' 2 weeks later, they're in the paper and they're dating."

In April 2013, the couple announced their engagement. Speaking to Capital Radio's Breakfast Show, Frankie gushed about the proposal:

"Wayne took me to a hotel and he got my dogs involved," she revealed. "I didn't know my dogs were there and they came in in little bride and groom outfits. And Pixie had the ring around her neck on a ribbon."

Frankie's 1st pregnancy

In 2013, Frankie (then Sandford) announced that she was expecting her 1st child.

She bought her unborn son a mini Reading kit - just like dad Wayne's - and shared regular bumpdates on Instagram.

Frankie even gave fans a peek inside her blue-themed baby shower.

She's since talked a lot about being pregnant, confessing that she didn't exactly feel she was 'glowing' as she neared her due date.

Parker Bridge

Wayne and Frankie's 1st son, Parker, was born on 18 October 2013, before the couple's wedding took place.

She tweeted: “Wayne and I are so proud to say our little boy Parker Bridge was born this morning. 7lb 13oz. All doing well and absolutely besotted.”

Parker was pushed in a grey iCandy Peach 2 buggy.

Parker's proved to be quite the little character over the years, as Frankie's revealed in tidbits on social media. We especially enjoyed the fact that, at the ripe old age of 1, he was a fully qualified selfie-taker!

Frankie also admitted she'd received some flack for letting him use a dummy until the age of 2.

Where did Frankie and Wayne get married?

Wayne and Frankie wed in 2014, and were married at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire in a relatively private ceremony...

Given the fact they're, you know, both pretty big celebs ?

Frankie's 2nd pregnancy

Parker was 15 months old when Frankie and Wayne announced their 2nd pregnancy.

But Frankie revealed that she's known for quite some time before Wayne, and actually had to wait before she could tell him the happy news...

Unfortunately, Frankie suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, and was forced to pull out of her Strictly Come Dancing tour as a result.

"So excited to tell you that Wayne and I are expecting another baby later this year," she tweeted at the time. "We can't wait for Parker to have a little brother or sister.

"Sadly I'm really unwell with my pregnancy and won't be able to take part in the Strictly tour. I'm SO sorry. I was so looking forward to it."

Fortunately, there was *one* moment where the sickness seemed to subside. Frankie and bump were spotted leaving Nandos with a takeaway bag in tow! (Pic cred: Xposure)

Carter Bridge

On 15 August 2015, Frankie welcomed her 2nd son, named Carter.

Carter lived like a Prince as a baby - or so we reckon, given that he was pushed around in the same glamorous Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance as Prince George!


Now they're both in the post-buggy stage, Frankie's fully prepared to admit she's a bit of a pushover mum with both Parker and Carter. She's also revealed they love to try on her make-up!

Now 4-year-old Parker and 2-year-old Carter are regular features on mum's Instagram, @francescabridge.

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