James and Julia's birth dates:

James Kimberly Corden, born 22 August 1978
Julia 'Jules' Carey, birth date unknown


James and Julia's children:

Max Corden, born 22 March 2011
Carey Corden, born 27 October 2014
Baby no 3, born 13 December 2017

When did James Corden get married?

James married television producer Julia Carey on 15 September 2012.

The couple were introduced by actor friend Dominic Cooper in 2009, and Dominic is now Max's godfather. Aw ❤️

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Max Corden

On 22 March 2011, James and Julia welcomed their 1st child together, a baby boy named Max.

Reports, and even quotes from James himself, suggest he wasn't sure whether to give little Max his traditional family middle name, Kimberly.

(We still don't know if he decided to go for it or not!)

First time parenthood wasn't a walk in the park for James, who admitted to having something akin to the baby blues after all the sleepless nights kicked in.

It was also revealed that James and Julia's stroller of choice for Max was a Bugaboo.

Carey Corden

Baby girl Carey was born on 27 October 2014.

Her name is comprised of her mum's surname and dad's surname - and we think it's totally gorgeous, wouldn't you agree?

Julia's 3rd pregnancy

The couple kept pretty mum about their news, but did confirm to People that they were due in December 2017.

And James did playfully touch Julia's 5-month baby bump on the Emmy's red carpet, also joking with E! News reporters:

"I am here with my wife and she's 5 months pregnant, so I'm mostly just thinking of places I can hide snacks.

"That's all I’m really doing. I walk around thinking, 'Where can I hide snacks?' Because she's gonna get hungry every 7 minutes. I will face the wrath if she's not fed."

Baby no 3's birth

On 13 December 2017, James took to Twitter to announce that Julia had given birth to their 3rd child, a baby girl.

"Today we welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into the world," he announced. "Both she and her mother are doing great. We can’t stop smiling."

So James could support his wife in the delivery room, he had to miss the taping of his live talk show The Late Late Show.

Fortunately, he managed to find a very famous and charismatic host to take his place at the last minute - Harry Styles! He added, "Thank you Harry for stepping in to host the show at 2 and a half hours notice! x x x"

In his opening monologue, former One Direction star Harry revealed he'd even been to the hospital to see the new arrival, joking: "She looks a lot like James. Mainly because James looks like a giant baby."

Naturally, it was a pretty emotional day for James. "I've been basically crying all day, finally pulled myself together..." he tweeted later.

Congrats to the happy fam ???

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