The royal wedding – in LEGO bricks

LEGOLAND unveils its version of the upcoming royal nuptials - complete with LEGO celebrity guests!

Look-a-like Prince William overlooks his LEGO wedding

The royal wedding has arrived! Well, in LEGOLAND anyway!


You don’t have to wait until the 29th April to witness the royal nuptials take place, because LEGOLAND Windsor are showing off their version of the wedding, complete with a mini bride and groom – even Victoria Beckham and Elton John made it into the crowd!

After 30 hours of careful building and 10,000 bricks later, the LEGO wedding crowd was created, which boasts celeb guests like a heavily pregnant Posh and Elton John, David Furnish and his baby boy Zachary.

The LEGO Buckingham Palace is also impressive, with 160,000 bricks and 150 hours of hard graft by its creators.

It also looks like Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton’s mum didn’t swap outfit notes as it looks like they have the same fascintor on…


This fun display is to mark LEGOLAND’s 15th anniversary.


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