When you have a baby, there are certain important decisions you need to make. Like whether you child will support Arsenal or West Ham. Or whether they'll love the Adele or Abba.


Of course, we all know you can buy them little football strips and play them Dancing Queen on loop all we want but, in the end, our children will find their own allegiances. But that doesn't stop us from trying to win – which is why this couple is already making bids on which film series their yet-to-be-born daughter is going to love best.

In their child's nursery, it's Star Wars vs Harry Potter: let the baby battle between The Force and wizardry commence!


On one wall, dad-to-be's put a light sabre up with the words: "I am a Jedi like my father before me."

But mum-to-be's not taking that one lying down. Adding a wand to the display, she writes: "Unless Hogwarts sends me my letter like my mother."

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Sharing a picture of the nursery wall on American radio station 106.9 The Eagle's Facebook page, dad Greg Daniels wrote: "My wife decided to get our soon-to-be daughter on the right track early! And yes, that is a remote controlled lightsabre and a genuine wand from Harry Potter."

The post has since gone viral and has been shared over 245,000 times.

"But what if a Blue Police Box appears outside?" one commenter teased.

"She could be the first Jedi/wizard companion...that'd be pretty legit," another added.

Photo: Facebook / 106.9 The Eagle

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