OK, so all mum-and-newborn pics make us a bit teary-eyed, but few could ever top the emotional impact of this one shared by new mum Tig Notaro.


Tig, who is an American writer and comedian, is pictured lying in what can only be described as blissful adoration, gazing at her almost-month-old baby sons, Max and Finn.

Tig, 45, and her wife Stephanie Allynne welcomed the babies via a surrogate on June 26th, after the most heartbreaking journey to motherhood.

4 years ago, Tig was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in both her breasts, and underwent a double mastectomy with no idea as to whether the cancer had spread. To make things even worse, her diagnosis and surgery happened at around the same time as her mum died.

Tig used her devastating experiences in her stand-up routine - titled Hello, I Have Cancer - and said that although she was a little "out of her mind" when she had written the material, she wanted to showcase it, to see "what it would do".

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Happily, 4 years on, Tig is not only cancer-free, but also married to her partner Stephanie, who are now proud-as-punch parents to babies Max and Finn.

Captioning the photo "this is my life" - Tig bears her mastectomy scars as she cuddles up in bed to her gorgeous baby boys.

Unsurprisingly, the beautiful picture has attracted 24,000 likes on Facebook, and 1,600 likes on her Twitter feed.

Surely it's a mega strong contender for being the most moving birth announcement picture ever? *sob*

Image: Facebook / Tig Notaro

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