1. The baby was a fake

Kate Middleton couldn't have possibly given birth to Princess Charlotte – because she looked too good immediately after the birth That's the bizarre conspiracy theory that's emerged in Russia thanks to pro-Kremlin newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.


The newspaper is carrying claims made by Russian women, according to the Mirror. "If she really gave birth naturally, it was surely some days ago," one Russian woman said. "She gave birth three days ago. They reported it only now. Look at the baby - she does not look like a newborn at all," another added. "She is at least three days old. There is nothing which would help a woman, even if she gave birth with the help of best doctors, stand up five hours after giving birth - and leave the clinic on her feet."

The claims became more outlandish – as one woman claimed Kate had a surrogate. "It was a surrogate mother who gave birth but not her. Kate must have been wearing a fake belly showing to the people that she was pregnant. It is just not real to walk yourself several hours after birth and wave to the public in white dress."

2. Free pizza for Charlotte

To celebrate the birth of the royal baby, anyone named Charlotte could get free pizza at Pizza Hut. The first 100 customers through the door who could prove their name is Charlotte with a valid form of ID, would get a free meal.

"The royal birth is such a momentous occasion, we want to celebrate and welcome the new arrival in a way that our customers can also enjoy," Kathryn Austin, director of HR and marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants said. "A new royal baby and a free pizza, sounds like the perfect combination."

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3. Baby name 'vengeance'

Rather unsurprisingly, Katie Hopkins was very vocal when she discovered the royal baby's name. "Fingers crossed for a Charlotte Diana. Prince William - vengeance is sweet my son xx," she tweeted rather cryptically on Saturday.

Lots of followers were left confused by exactly what she meant. And when the baby's name was announced – Katie declared Prince William "a legend". "Charlotte (Elizabeth) Diana... What did I tell you? William is a legend. Charles and Diana joined in the next gen royalty," she added on Sunday.


4. Psychic predictions

Perhaps it was an obvious choice of names, but US psychic Brenna Wilson predicted that the name of the royal's first born girl would indeed be Charlotte Elizabeth Diana way back in July 2013, and she has the tweet to prove it.

5. Hayfever and helicopters

More psychic predictions come from Sally Morgan who apparently spent four-and-a-half-years as a consultant to Princess Diana. "She will have allergies and will suffer from really bad hay fever. So you'll often see her with hankies, sneezing into a hanky or have a hanky close to hand," says the psychic referring to the princess. She will also be a highflier piloting helicopters and planes, if Sally’s predictions are anything to go by.

6. Long lost aunty

Princess Diana gets another mention by US magazine The Globe. Apparently, the 'real' reason Kate Middleton visited the US earlier this year was to meet up with Princess Charlotte’s secret aunty - oh yes, US conspiracists claim that Diana had a secret daughter. The 33-year-old woman called Sarah, lives in New England and was born by a ‘surrogate’.

So how did this remarkable secret royal come to be? Well, during fertility testing and before Princess Diana was married to Charles, one of Diana's eggs was allegedly stolen, and a rogue doctor artificially inseminated his wife. The great thing is that the woman in question, Sarah, does have an uncanny resemblance to the late Princess of Wales.

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