The Twitterview: Nina Wadia

Nina on the worst parenting advice she's ever been given, how to avoid sibling rivalry and what she might do if she hears the SpongeBob theme tune again...


@PPPMAGAZINE: Are there any similarities between your own family and the character Zainab Masood you played in Eastenders?


@Nina_Wadia: None whatsoever, we couldn’t be more different, I smile a lot for a start.
@PPPMAGAZINE: Are you the sort of mum you thought you’d be?

@Nina_Wadia: I didn’t think I would be as maternal as I am so I’ve surprised myself.
@PPPMAGAZINE: What’s the best parenting trick you have up your sleeve?

@Nina_Wadia: When you have your second child tell your oldest that he/she is a gift for them, they will then treat them like gold.
@PPPMAGAZINE: What’s the worst piece of parenting advice you’ve ever been given?

@Nina_Wadia: Shave your baby’s head and they will have thick hair for the rest of their lives.
@PPPMAGAZINE: How did you choose your children’s names?

@Nina_Wadia: Tia was born early so we gave her a little name to suit her size. As for Aidan, I’ve always loved it and it’s Persian as well as Irish.
@PPPMAGAZINE: What advice would you pass onto a new mum?

@Nina_Wadia: Filter out the good advice from the bad and trust your instincts. This is what we were born to do.

@PPPMAGAZINE: Is there a TV show/book/song your children love that you’re sick of hearing?

@Nina_Wadia: If I hear the theme tune to Sponge Bob Square Pants one more time I will kill myself.
@PPPMAGAZINE: What’s your favourite activity to do as a family?

@Nina_Wadia: Travelling to places we’ve never been before, exploring them and coming away with new friends.
@PPPMAGAZINE: Why did you choose to support Barnardo’s ‘Big Toddle’?

@Nina_Wadia: Barnardo’s @BigToddle prompts toddlers to raise money to support vulnerable kids in the UK. It’s a good way to teach your child about being charitable.

@PPPMAGAZINE: How would you describe the work Barnardo’s does to other parents?

@Nina_Wadia: @Barnardos the charity sees the potential in ALL children and works to give them a bright future.


Find out more about the Barnardo’s Big Toddle scheme.

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