The unusual practice of baby ‘seeding’ after a c-section

Mums are reportedly smearing their newborns with vaginal fluids - yes, this really is a thing


You may have read about ‘baby seeding’ in the news lately. And despite how it sounds, no, it is nothing to do with growing a baby, or getting pregnant.


It is actually the rather bizarre practice of wiping vaginal fluid over babies born by Caesarean section, apparently to protect them against infection and other health problems.

Yes, you read that right. 

The Daily Mail reports that seeding is ‘increasing across Australia’ where some c-section mums are demanding their newborns are ‘covered in their sterile vaginal fluid immediately after birth’. The babies apparently have a swabbed sample taken from mum’s nether regions wiped across their mouth, face and body, or have the fluid added to their first bath. 

The ‘thinking’ behind it all is that little ones born via a c-section do not get exposed to the bacteria in the birth canal that those who are born naturally do, and by smearing them with mum’s fluids after, their immune system will be more robust.  

While it’s true that babies who arrive vaginally are exposed to lots of different bacteria that can help to protect them from various ailments, there is currently no scientific evidence to prove ‘seeding’ is effective. And of course, for mums with Strep B or other infections, the procedure could be extremely damaging. 

So what do you think? Would you do this just in case it did have some health benefits for your baby, or does it all sound like yet another wacko new-age practice for certain types of mum to indulge in?


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