Kids are master manipulators when they wanna be!


It starts from something as simple as asking your child to tidy their bedroom or apologise to their sibling.

You think it seems like a pretty reasonable instruction… but turns out you’re wrong.

Soon, the crayons come out and, before you know it, our little one hands you a very dramatic handwritten note.

In just one paragraph, your child has officially denounced the family name, declared that they HATE your guts and now has imminent plans to run away from home... LOL ?

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Many of us with older kids have received notes like these at some point or another.

And something similar happened very recently to parenting blogger The Unmumsy Mum, whose 9-year-old daughter Ellie refused to tidy her room and told her mum she wanted to be sold to someone else on eBay.

Ellie crafted this guilt-tripping gem of a letter when her mum – in the heat of the moment – told her nobody on eBay would buy her.

The note read:


"Yes I agree I was mean to you and did very wrong," Ellie began. "I am very sorry but the fact I am poorly and wanted to rest has just flew out the window.

"I am sorry, but the fact you said no-one would buy me really shattered my heart. At least now I know how ashamed you are of me. All my love, Ellie.”

Ouch ?

Loads of Facebook mums were quick to comment on the post – because, unsurprisingly, many had their own – similarly brutal - notes to share:


Reading through some of these, it’s clear that these kids are feeling pretty angry and hurt. We know the notes were probably all scrawled in the heated drama of the moment – and those wounded feelings were no doubt healed and forgotten an hour or so later.

But, we have to admit, notes like these do twang those guilty-parent heartstrings we all have within us.

Because of course we want our kids to be happy all the time. We definitely don’t want to be the thing that upsets them. Especially if we've messed up a bit on the cool, calm and collected parenting front – as we all do at some point. We're only human, right?

This one, in particular, was a little heart-breaking to read:


But we’ve also got to laugh… especially at these hilariously blunt ones:


Let’s be honest: kids say silly stuff in the heat of the moment – just like us. We all say stuff we don’t mean.

Has your child ever left you a note like this? How did it make you feel? Do let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


Images: Facebook / The Unmumsy Mum

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