Third of mums would stop working if they had the choice

New report calls for more family-friendly work opportunities


A poll for the Centre for Policy Studies has found that just 12% of mums in the survey want to work full-time. Instead what mums are after, are more opportunities for flexible part-time work.


“The Government has been getting more women into full-time work and getting more work out of them,” says the report’s author, Cristina Odone. “What women actually want is to choose their own childcare providers and have more opportunity to work part time.”

Cristina is calling for changes to be made to our current tax and benefit system, so stay at home mothers can afford not to work. She also wants to make it easier for businesses to employ part-timers.


Mandy Garner from recruitment website agrees and says that most women have no choice and are forced to work for financial reasons. “Mums often want to start work a bit later so they can take the children to school,” she explains.

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