This pic is why we should ALWAYS honour our RSVPs

Imagine if this was your child...


When it comes to kids birthday parties, it can be so easy to drop the ball and forget you’ve RSVP’d to something, or maybe you said you could go and now you just can’t.


Perhaps your little one’s developed a cold since then. Or something’s come up which makes attending near-enough impossible. In those situations it’s easy to think ‘well, it doesn’t matter, loads of other kids will still be going’… right?

Well, not necessarily.

One older sister has taken to Twitter with a (pretty gut-wrenching) image, showing what can happen if everyone decides to drop out of a party at the last minute.

Her 6-year-old sister Kinley invited all her classmates to a local bowling alley for her birthday, and even though many of them replied to the invite to say they were coming, only her best friend Jayla showed up.

“My little sister’s birthday party is today and only one girl showed up,“ Kelsey tweeted alongside the pic.

Luckily, Kinley and her bestie managed to have fun during the party.

“My mom and grandma rented out the bar of a bowling alley and set up a table with her cake, balloons, silverware, ice cream, and little gifts for the girls who were going to come. All of it was princess-themed,” she told Buzzfeed News.

“They were waiting for their friends to come but they never did so after about 30 minutes we decided to go in and start the game of neon mini golf.

“They held hands and laughed and had a good time. They played in the arcade as well and got prizes with the tickets they won together.”

But after it was over, Kelsey tweeted that her lil sis was starting to get upset about the lack of attendees, and wondering why no one else came.

Kelsey also told Buzzfeed News that the reason the other children couldn’t come was because ‘they were all sick’.

Umm, what? ?

Anyway, naturally this whole thing’s gone viral – reaching 1,000s of people and inspiring hundreds of lovely messages and gestures. People are even sending Kinley princess toys, to match the theme of her party!

There’s definitely a moral of the story for mums and dads everywhere: don’t RSVP ‘coming’ if you probably won’t, and if you do have to drop out, give as much notice as possible ?

Images: Twitter/Kelsey

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