This picture is changing people’s view of C-sections

Gorgeous photograph of a newborn baby curled up near his mum's Caesarean scar prompts outpouring of emotion worldwide


This lovely photo of a newborn baby sleeping near his mum’s C-section scar is being shared and shared, as women all over the world voice their feelings about the Caesearans they’ve had and their pride in their own ‘beautiful’ scars.


The black-and-white picture was taken when the baby was just 3 days old – and clearly shows his mum’s Caesarean scar.

“I photographed this woman’s pregnancy a while back, ” the photographer Helen Carmina wrote as she posted the image on her Facebook page, “and she was telling me how terrified she was of having a C-section. Well, last week she went into labour but had to have an emergency C-section after complications. She asked me to come over this morning and shoot this particular image as her worst nightmare proved to be what saved her and her child.”

The image has since gone viral – being shared over 58,000 times and liked over 194,000 times.

There are also over 27,000 comments, including mums sharing their own feelings about C-sections. “I had to have an emergency C-section with my first,” one mum writes. “It took a long time to come to terms with it. I read too many comments on stupid blogs from judgey women saying that women like me hadn’t given birth, we’d had our babies surgically removed, and other bullshit, like we don’t bond with our babies as well as women who’d had natural births.”

“To have a C-section is not easy!” another adds. “You feel them pull and tear you. Not the pain but the movements. And you usually vomit, which isn’t easy. Then take months to recover. You can’t just get up and walk. Every time you cough, you’re in agony and feel like your stitches are going to burst. This mum is beautiful!”

“This is such a powerful image,” another mum says. “I also had an emergency C-section. It makes you realise the beauty in it all.”

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