This royal first day at school was actually a pretty normal one…

Because this young Prince didn't want to leave mum's side!


Here we see Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark, posing with their twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent on their very first day of school.


It’s thought that the royal couple opted to hold a brief photo call for press outside Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, so as not to disrupt other families at the school gates experiencing the same thing.


And just like the rest of us (i.e. those of us who don’t wear crowns on our heads), both mum and dad appear to be proud as punch of their little ones on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

But it seemed that 5-year-old Prince Vincent was more than a little bit nervous to leave his mum!

The young royal was pictured with tears in his eyes, looking a tad upset and apprehensive, before heading to join 11-year-old brother Prince Christian and 10-year-old sister Princess Isabella at Tranegård School.

prince vincent

Perhaps because, as it’s been reported, he won’t be in the same class as his twin sis?

Fortunately, it seemed he was quickly able to overcome his fears, after some much-needed comforting from mum!

Awww ?

Princess Josephine was on the opposite end of the scale, clearly very excited to begin her first day at big kid school.

She was all smiles for the family snap, laughing and joking with her parents ?

For little ones, the first day really can go either way, can’t it? It just depends on their personalities, how they’ll react to such a huge change.

Mind, that goes for mum and dad, too, right? Hands up if you reckon you’ll shed a tear when your little one’s first day rolls around ??

Image: Instagram/Det Danske Kongehus, HBGBild

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