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Three-year-old boy joins High IQ Society

Pre-schooler from the UK ranked among the top 1% of cleverest people in the world

Can you name every country in the world? Do you find explaining the function of internal organs a breeze?


Well, a three-year-old boy can answer these questions, count to 200, match each country to its flag and more!

Sherwyn Sarabi, from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, is ranked in the top one per cent of cleverest people in the world after tests revealed he had an IQ of 136.

The genius pre-schooler has become one of the youngest members of Mensa: The High IQ Society.

Sherwyn, who has a reading age of six, began speaking when he was just ten-months-old and was talking in sentences at 20-months-old.

Proud mum Amanda Sarabi, 36, says: “His general knowledge is amazing. He knows about everything. It’s not like talking to a three-year-old.”

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