Thrifty kids top up their pocket money by £140 a year

Checking down the back of the sofa and picking up pennies in the street means children manage to collect an extra £1,300 by their 14th birthday


By the time a child turns 14 they will have pocketed an extra £1,300, according to research by sweet brand Juicy Drop Pop.


The study found that the most popular tricks to rake in extra money include scouring your car, searching down the back of the sofa, picking up money in the street and sweet talking grandparents.

Eight out of 10 children surveyed said they top up their pocket money by around £2.71 a week without their parents knowing – a whopping 84% difference in how much money parents think their kids have.

The study also compared current pocket money spending to that of 30 years ago and found that today’s youngsters are buying computers games, mobile phone credit and iTunes music vouchers as opposed to the comics, yoyos and stickers purchased three decades before. One exception was sweets – this took top spot both today and 30 years ago!

However, it’s not just the kids using cheeky tactics to get their hands on an extra pound or two – a third of mums and dads surveyed admitting to raiding their children’s piggy banks. Sound like you?


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