When we shared the stat that 49% of people are scrapping using tinsel this year - we have to say - it seriously kicked up a debate among our mums on Facebook ?


Yep. Tinselgate stirred up a right old barney between the love its and the hate its - with passionate arguments ensuing on both sides.

Although, weirdly, the reason people loved it and hated it tended to be the same.

Take Laura M, for example, who say this: "I HATE tinsel. but I think it stems from being an '80s child.

"Every Christmas my parents would go mad with it. On the tree, over picture frames and even up the banister on the stairs ? I think it's awful."

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On the other hand, take a look at this from Lauren C: "If it's not a loud, tinsel-filled '80s Christmas like my childhood days then I don't want it!"

? ? ?

In short, it brings back those '80s memories, which some of us love and others, not so much.

Though one of our mums had an unusual reason for not using it - Selena W says it makes her sneeze.

And Amy E's been put off by the price - one strip for a fiver.

On the other side of the coin, Louise H reckons it's 'snobby' not to have tinsel, and Isabel H says it's everywhere in her house.

Hmmmm, we reckon this debate is set to rumble on and on...

Stat from Christmas Tree World

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