Toddler blog takes internet by storm

Dad posts heart-warming pics of Reasons My Son Is Crying


We all know pics of kids crying can melt our hearts, and now dad and blogger Greg Pembroke has turned photos of his sons crying into a global sensation. 


With tongue firmly in cheek, Greg has devoted his blog to “all the many many completely logical reasons that children cry” and it’s taken the web by storm.

Each blog post at Reasons My Son Is Crying features a snap of one of Greg’s boys – either William, 3, or Charlie, 22-months – mid-tantrum, with a caption explaining the toddler logic behind the tears.

Gems include: 

I washed the dirt and sand off his pear.

We gave him delicious pudding.

Buzz Lightyear’s knee is bent.

Greg ran a competition for parents recently, encouraging them to submit their own versions of “why my child is crying.”

“I know how I’m raising my boys, and I don’t think they cry any more than anyone else’s children. That’s why I opened the blog up to other parents,” Greg explained.

Mums and dads are now busy submitting to Greg’s site from around the world. 

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