Toddler recovering after swallowing 37 magnets

A 3-year-old girl makes incredible recovery after 37 high-powered magnets stick together inside her


A toddler was rushed to hospital last month, after an x-ray revealed she’d swallowed 37 high-powered magnets.


When doctors took an x-ray of Payton Bushnell stomach they thought she’d swallowed a bracelet, but as they attempted to remove the object from her stomach they realised a chain of 37 magnets had attracted together inside her intestines.

Payton was rushed into surgery and doctors at Randall Children’s Hospital, Portland, USA, were able to remove the magnets. Amazingly, Payton is set to make a full recovery.

Payton’s mum Kelli said she believed her toddler mistook the silver Buckyball magnets for the edible silver balls used to decorate cakes.

Nurse Sandy Nipper, from Randall Children’s Hospital, told America’s KPTV, “In all the research I have done, I have never seen any child swallow more than 10 magnets.”

Nurse Sandy added, “When I heard 37 magnets were swallowed, my nurse’s mind raced to what taking 37 strong magnets could do to a fantastic little 3-year-old girl, and it frightened me to death.”

Payton’s parents have spoken to Fox 12 warning other parents about the dangers of having magnets around small children.

Buckyball magnets, intended for use as stress-relieving desk gadgets for adults, has reiterated the “not suitable for children” message on its website.

It’s a reminder to all us adults that we need to ensure we keep magnets, batteries, pills and other sweetie-looking items well away from our children.

*They’re cake decorations!

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