Toddlers chew their way through £14.5 millions-worth of goods every year

Little ones' teething habits cause more home damage then the family pet


They say you are what you eat, well for UK tots that’s £14.5 million, the cost of all the family essentials they chomp on in a year.


Research*, conducted by Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk, found that toddlers regularly nibble on items like keys, phones, and jewellery, costing mum and dad on average £60-worth of damages.

The survey also discovered that 28% of tots have eaten more than five insects by the time they’re five years old, and 30% suck on beloved items as a way of ‘marking’ their territory.

It seems it’s not just the celebrities participating in Bushtucker trials then!

And 21% of parents have admitted their little one’s ‘mouthing’ causes more damage in the home then the family pet. Cheeky!

If your nipper is a bit of a chomp-a-holic, don’t fear! Be prepared for any drooling catastrophy with our list of the 10 things your tot is likely to chew on:

1. Toys

2. Crayons/pencils

3. Remote controls

4. Keys


6. Soft toys

7. Plastic plates/bowls

8. Clothes

9. Blankets

10. Jewellery

“The results of this survey confirm that “mouthing” is very common amongst toddlers,” said Dr Richard Woolfson, child psychologist.

“It’s simply another form of exploration and discovery, letting curious toddlers learn about the object’s texture, resistance, taste and structure.”

But, if your little man starts biting, we’ve got some handy tips to help nip the bad habit in the bud.

Does your tot nibble on anything from the list?

*Study of 1000 mums with kids aged 1-5

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