Tokyo health clinic offers mums 3D model of their foetus

Bizarre development in 3D printing means mums can take home a foetus paperweight…



Here at MFM HQ we think we may have stumbled across the oddest development in fetal scanning since, well, since time began.

A Tokyo health clinic is using 3D printing technology to create mini resin-cast models of expectant mums’ unborn babies, reports Mashable.

As if that wasn’t odd enough, mums can choose to have their model put inside a clear lucite case and use it (and we quote) as a paperweight. Or, for the woman about town, you can have a miniature version made into a mobile phone charm. We kid you not.

Believe it or not, you can also opt to have just a single limb or body part hardened into a keepsake.

The clinic, Hiro-o Ladies charges 100,000 yen (or $1,300) for the service.


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