We love a good celeb baby name reveal here at MFM ???


And even though we might not know too much about this American football star, we’re still very curious to see what he's chosen!

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and wife Candice recently announced they’ve welcomed their 3rd child together, a baby boy.

And they’ve given him a sort of topsy-turvy name, if you will: Jones McCoy Romo.

We should say we think their upside-down selection is really sweet…

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But we’re also kind of intrigued by the fact little Jones has got what seems like, to us, 3 surnames.

Do you reckon this’ll become a bit of a trend? We can see it happening, for sure.

Monikers like Wilson, Carter, Bailey, Cassidy, Harper, Smith, Cohen, Parker, Avery, Lennon – which we’d typically think of as fairly common surnames – all work so well bumped up to 1st or 2nd place!

What do you think?

Was your little one’s first name or middle name inspired by a popular surname? Perhaps you’ve got an idea for a GREAT switcheroo for your upcoming bundle of joy?

Share your thoughts on Facebook, or in the comments below!

Images: Instagram/Tomy Romo, Instagram/Candice Romo

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