Too much fast food at visitor attractions, says Government Quango

Parents encouraged to complain about what family attractions offer to eat


Children on a day out at family visitor attractions are being offered too much fast food, according to the School Food Trust. The trust is about to launch a campaign encouraging parents to complain about the food on offer at family-friendly attractions, reports the Telegraph.


“Some (attractions) just have food that is very heavily saturated, and quite pricey too. Very heavily processed burgers, pizzas that leave you wondering what the toppings even are,” said Rob Rees, chairman of the trust.

“I’m not saying we need standards and legislation. Just that we should have nice homemade cooking and things like fruit salad served as the norm. It shouldn’t be a bolt-on for attractions – it should be a core part of the attraction.”

Rob added that the School Food Trust has decided to act against family friendly attractions after receiving complaints from mums and dads about the choice on offer.

The trust has drafted a downloadable letter on it website, which mums and dads are encouraged to send off to family attractions if they’re not happy with the food available for children.

However, Rob and the trust have received opposition from the attractions themselves, who have argued that the fast food on offer is part of the treat of being on a day out for children.

“We have to say it’s a day out and for many people, because it’s a day out, it’s meant to be fun,” said Sally Ann Wilkinson, head of corporate affairs at Merlin Entertainments.

“A lot of families, even if they have quite clear rules at home, are happy to break those rules on a day out.

“Our view is it’s about choice – it’s not for us to dictate the nation’s diet. That’s for schools and other places where children go every day.


“Parents shouldn’t be made to feel bad if kids want to eat burgers and they’re happy to give it to them. There’s this feeling that you’re being bad parents. It should be their choice,” Sally added.


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