The top 10 TV shows families enjoy watching together have been revealed.


A Family Living Report of 2,000 UK mums and dads, conducted by Dalepak, found that parent’s favourite family pasttime was cuddling up with the kids in front of the box.

Parents also voted on what theymost liked to watch with their brood, with favourites spanning from reality TV to classic British soaps.

The top 10 TV shows families enjoy watching together are:

1. The X Factor

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2. Britain's Got Talent

3. Come Dine With Me

4. Top Gear

5. The News

6. Eastenders

7. Coronation Street

8. Dancing on Ice

9. Strictly Come Dancing

10. Emmerdale

So, what is it about these programmes that makes them so enjoyable to watch together?

“Programmes like The X Factor have transformed the way we watch television as a family. They’re classic examples of ‘event television,’” says Anne Claypole, marketing manager for Dalepak.

“They actively encourage families to watch together and this is good for family life. You should not underestimate the bonding effect watching feel good television can have on a family.”

What shows do you think are missing from this top 10?

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