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Tori Spelling - what have you done?!

American actress turns baby daughter into a turkey, and shares turkey recipes. Move over Nigella!

Mum-of-three Tori Spelling has posted photos of her youngest daughter Hattie dressed up as a Thanksgiving turkey was faux veggies on the side (of course!).


Tori, 38, posted the surreal photos on her website, where she features how to cook a turkey in three ways, the third way being Hattie in a roast turkey costume!

“Ok, this one isn’t edible, but if you have a baby at home, here’s a fun Thanksgiving craft project you can make for what will be very memorable holiday photos. Your older kids will love helping to make this for their baby bro or sis – Stella loved gluing the faux veggies on the faux platter," posted the former Beverly Hills 90210 actress.

Feeling a little guilty, Tori also writes, “Sorry to the future 18 year old Hattie. It was too cute an idea to pass up. If it’s any solace, you wore turkey well!”

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