Former The Only Way Is Essex star Maria Fowler has been forced to defend a lovely snap of her family on a day out.


Commenters were quick to notice that pregnant Maria was - gasp - enjoying an ice cream.

Sigh. It’s like you almost can’t post anything these days, right?


One user wrote: “You need to be careful eating soft ice cream in pregnancy.

“Someone's got to look out for your unborn baby, is it really worth risking listeria?”

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While another added: “Just saying as my brother's wife got really ill from it when pregnant and issues occurred so just wanted to pass on knowledge so no one goes through the same.

“Believe me not everyone thinks about ice cream but from ice cream man can be unpasteurised.”

But Maria responded to the comments, explaining:

“Midwife told me it was fine and I look after my own unborn baby. Thank you. How rude.

“My grandma had 7 children including my dad and was on a farm, always unpasteurised milk. Never had a problem.

“This was actually pasteurised but either way it's no one's business. I do everything possible to make sure our baby is safe and healthy x”

What a calm and reasonable response!

Whether or not something that seems harmless is safe to eat during pregnancy is a widely-discussed subject – which is why we’ve devoted an entire section of MFM to putting the facts out there.

We reckon the first commenter has a fair point (shame they were perhaps a teensy bit patronising in making it) – there is a risk that the Mr Whippy-style machines themselves contain germs like listeria, and are best avoided.

It's also known that unpasteurised ice cream is not safe to eat during pregnancy.

But since none of us know for sure what kind of ice cream Maria was eating, or where she got it from, it’s not really fair to make assumptions or judge.

Generally though, most soft ice creams ARE actually safe to eat during pregnancy, according to the NHS.

Good news for Maria and any mums-to-be with a sweet tooth ?

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Images: Instagram/Maria Fowler

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