Toy sale for ill 4-year-old’s dream holiday

Family selling their teddies and bikes to raise money for sister Scarlett Hellewell


Four-year-old Scarlett Hellewell was born with neurofibromatosis, which has sadly caused a brain tumour to grow. The tumour is gradually taking over her eye sight, and has already claimed her right eye leaving her left eye fading rapidly.


To ensure that Scarlett has the holiday of her dreams before she loses her sight altogether, her brothers Nathan, 19, Kai, 8, and Finlay, 6 , along with her sister Hollie, 16, are sacrificing their favourite teddy bears, bikes, go karts and even their pencil case to raise money for the family holiday.

“I want to play on a sunny beach and splash in the sea and I am selling my bunny rabbit bag and hope to get a pound for it and my doggy that my teacher gave me,” Scarlett has said.


You can join in the auction and bid for the toys to help them raise money for their holiday on Make An Effort Direct


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