We were all a bit misty-eyed to hear about Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy (though don't panic - it's only the US stores that are affected: there are no plans for Toys R Us to close in the UK) but one little lad just couldn't deal with the news at all - and decided to take action.


The nipper, named only as 'Andrew' penned a heartfelt 3-point letter to the judge handling the company's case, and pleaded with him not to allow his fave shop to close down.

Bless him!

Andrew's hand-written note to Judge Keith Phillips - which was put in the official court file - laid out exactly why he didn't want the shops to shut.

He wrote:

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1. Kids like that there is a store just for them.

2. Kids would rather be promised a trip to Toys R Us than any other store.

3. Kids can run through the aisles at Toys R Us and find stuff they like, but in any other store there won't just be toys. Kids might not have a device to see online stores or, it's easier to browse in a real store than online."

Andrew ended his note with the plea: 'Please don't let Toys R Us close, it will make kids very unhappy.'

Aw! We think Andrew makes some really valid points, and it would make us pretty unhappy if they closed down, too - although thankfully, the company insists it will continue to run its 1,600 Toy R Us and Babies R Us outlets around the world.

So we'll still be able to go to that magical place with toys in their millions all under one roof...
*has Toys R Us song earworm for rest of day*.

Pic: Richmond Division Court

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