Traditional toys get thumbs up at Need To Know PR Christmas event

The Christmas in July press shows may be winding down but that doesn’t mean the fun is stopping anytime soon as these gorgeous gifts proved

Make your child a style icon

Make your kid the coolest at pre-school with this backpack

Awww how cute!

Do you remember the fun you had in your childhood playing with wooden toys? If the answer is yes then there are plenty of new “traditional style” toys to help your children have the same simple pleasure.


In a generation where most toys are plastic, it makes a welcome change to go back to traditional toys who have entertained children for many years.

Just because you are a little one doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of style as demonstrated by Fabric Flavours. Mini rock and roll stars can wear a Ramones baby grow and the Dennis the Menace babygrow is perfect for your little scamps.

Budding sailors will love the skipper blue star pond yacht. The wooden boat actually floats on water, helping to provide hours of fun.

It can be hard trying to find the perfect present for mums-to-be. Do you buy them something for themselves or something for the new baby? Minene has brought out a 4 in 1 changing bag for busy mums. The bag comes complete with a back pack, satchel bag, shoulder bag and a stylish purse in nine different colours. It is brilliant value for money.

Ride ‘n’ Roll animal riders are great for toddlers who have started walking and are starting to gain confidence. We like the mini pig rider best. It’s so cute and your kids will be leaving you in no time whizzing around the house.


The only problem is of choosing what toys to buy your children. We bet you want to buy them all.


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