A transgender man has given birth to a baby girl in Iceland.


Henry Steinn, who is 19, was halfway through his transition from female to male when he discovered he was pregnant.

He and his partner Doddi received the surprising new just a few weeks before he was due to start taking testosterone as part of his transitioning process.

Speaking to the Gay Iceland website, Henry says that he was living as a man and just a month or two away from starting powerful hormone treatment when he found out he was expecting.

He said he then decided to postpone his treatment in case it affected his unborn baby, although he continued to live as a man throughout his pregnancy.

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He told the website: “It was a bit of a shock when I started suspecting it, but very soon I started seeing it as an opportunity to have my own baby.

“I felt a little bit nervous about telling my consultants about the pregnancy but they were very supportive, in fact, my psychiatrist had encouraged me to start thinking about whether I wanted to have a family, and how.”

He said that his maternity medical team were 'sympathetic' to his situation, although admitted that 'the whole lingo is obviously aimed a woman'.

His little girl - whose name he is not revealing at the moment - was born by C-section on 13 April after a 26-hour labour.

Henry says he is breastfeeding his daughter and plans to continue "until she and I have had enough", but added that he expected to "resume the consultation for the transition as soon as possible".

Wow, what an amazing story.

Picture: Henry Steinn/Facebook

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