Twin sisters give birth on the same day, in the same hospital…

And they both had girls! Amazing coincidence at an American hospital with babies born within hours of each other


Twins Charron and Chardee Hampton found out that they had even more in common after they both gave birth to girls on the same day within hours of each other – and at the same hospital!


The 22-year-olds were due to give birth on different days, but when Charron went to have her baby induced as she was overdue, it seems that her twin sister Chardee felt her sister’s pangs and was rushed to the same hospital after going into an early labour.

“Everybody was like, ‘How did you guys plan this?’ and I was like, ‘Trust me, this wasn’t planned!'” said Charron in the Daily Mail.

The excitement of the twin sisters welcoming their babies into the world at the same time proved challenging for their own mum, who had to run inbetween the labour rooms to check up on each of her daughters! “My mum had the camera and she’s trying to run and show Chardee as she’s about to push. It was crazy!” Charron recalled.

Amazingly, the similarities didn’t end there. Both newborns were 21 inches long.


Both mums, from Indianapolis, Minnesota, are both doing well and chose different sounding names for their babies – Chanise Amari Monroe and Trinity Dominick Brown.

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