Baby bumps come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to know that no two pregnancy tums are ever the same.


Perhaps more surprisingly, that’s also true for our own subsequent pregnancies. Preg 1 bump may look very different to Preg 2. Even more so, if one is a twin pregnancy.

Expectant YouTube vlogger Natalie Bennett knows this all too well - which is why she's posted an incredible comparison video of her past and present bumps. She's photographed her bump at exactly the same time in her two pregnancies - and it confirms what we all suspected. Twin bumps are a whole different ball game.

Here she is at 36-weeks along in her previous twin pregnancy and her current pregnancy. No brownie points for guessing which one is which (OK, if you just want to check, the pic on the left is her twin preg, the one on the right is her singleton preg).

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Side note: we love that she’s managed to rock the same top in both clips ?

Natalie elaborated on the differences in her bumps in her video.

“That was what I looked like!” the 24-year-old said of her twin bump.

“I had a huge torpedo belly, sticking out like a stinkin’ shelf, it was so heavy. My skin was so stretched."

And though she says looking after her now 2-year-old twin boys while pregnant is a challenge (we feel you, Natalie), she also says she’s (perhaps unsurprisingly) finding this pregnancy a bit easier physically.

And remember, as long as you know that what's inside bump is healthy, it doesn't really matter what size or shape it is.

Thanks for sharing, Natalie ?

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Images: YouTube/Natalie Bennett

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