Two year old’s birthmarks airbrushed

Mum shocked to receive photoshopped nursery picture of her 2-year-old girl


A school photograph company had controversially airbrushed out a 2 year old girl’s birthmarks from her nursery portraits.


Mum Nikki Allen, 30, was devastated when she and husband Stuart, 30, received prints of her daughter Omnee’s nursery portrait that were clearly edited without their permission. Little Omnee has one birthmark near her right nostril and another on her cheek. Both were absent from the photos.

“I cannot begin to tell you how upset I was. Omnee’s birthmark is part of who she is. We were just completely gutted when the photos arrived and we realised what had been done,” said Nikki.

Nikki, from Exmouth, Devon, ordered the prints from untouched sample photos of Omnee, with the birthmarks still visible. She complained to the photography company, Little Stars.

“We’re aware of what might happen in the future and that she may be bullied and find things difficult. We have considered getting the birthmarks removed. But that is our choice to make, not a photographer’s,” Nikki said.

The photo company has apologised and claimed the photos of Osmee were mixed up with another child whose parents wanted to have the prints edited.

“It was human error and the amendment should have been made for a different customer,” said Luke Joyce, who runs Little Stars.

“I have apologised profusely and offered the family a free print. I realise they are upset and this is not something we take lightly,” Luke added.

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