Uma Thurman: “Parenting isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon”

Hollywood actress admits to telling off a misbehaving dad

Being corrected in public for committing a parenting no-no is something every parent loathes. But Uma Thurman, 39, has revealed in an interview with FAMEbaby blog that she too is occasionally guilty of this parenting faux pas! “I saw this father lifting his kid up by the arm the other day and I thought, ‘I know that’s why I have lifelong shoulder problems.’ I bit my lip and thought ‘Don’t say anything’, but then I saw him do it again, so I said quietly, ‘You know you can cause damage to the rotator cuff accidentally?’ I’m such a creep!”


The actress, who is mum to Maya, 11, and Levon, 7, also revealed she often feels guilty when it comes to her children. “You feel awful at times when something goes wrong or when you wish something could have gone better. But I have to remind myself that parenting isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon.”


Uma stars in new film Motherhood, which has just been released in the US. It focuses on the challenges that mums face on a daily basis.

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