Una Foden reveals baby’s gender with bump picture

Husband Ben has been coming up with baby names - but Una's not convinced


Una Foden has revealed her second child is going to be a baby boy. The Saturdays singer took the opportunity to wear blue for her magazine photoshoot as she talked about how her husband Ben was sure they’d have a boy the second time round.


“Ben was adamant from the moment we knew we’d conceived again that we were having a boy,” she told Hello! magazine. “I was convinced I was carrying a girl, mainly because this pregnancy is so similar to last time.”

Their baby’s gender isn’t the only thing the couple can’t agree on. The parents of daughter Aoife, 3, can’t agree on a name.

“I’ve had a few vetoes already,” Ben had previously admitted to the Irish Independent. “We’ve got to find out what sex the baby is first and then figure it out. I’ve got an idea, it’s just convincing my other half.

“Una’s dad suggested Aoife. I’d never heard of it before. Maybe something along those lines again.”

So what do you think they should call their baby boy? Leave your ideas in the comments…

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