Una Healy eager to keep pregnancy boobs

Pregnant Una Healy’s found one of the silver linings in pregnancy – bigger boobs!


Una Healy’s bandmates (and us!) might be eagerly watching her baby bump grow, but Una’s got her eyes on a couple of other things that are growing – her breasts!


Since finding out she’s expecting a baby girl with boyfriend Ben Foden, Una’s seen her boobs grow from a size 34B to a DD. The Saturdays singer told new! magazine she’s “not complaining” – we bet Ben isn’t either.

Una’s been tweeting that she quite enjoys wearing maternity clothes – the Saturdays’ stylist has even come up with sexy maternity wear for the singer. But she’s voiced her hopes that her growing assets will stay once she’s given birth.

Take a look at our helpful guide on how your breasts change during pregnancy to find out more.


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