Van Morrison: “I’m NOT the father”

The 64-year-old singer denies baby rumour – but admits he knows the mum

With reports that Van Morrison has become a dad at the age of 64 buzzing around the showbiz circuit, the singer is adamant that the whispers are not true.


Claiming it to be a hoax, as well as previously denying that he ever met the woman in question, 42-year-old Gigi Lee, Van has found himself in the middle of a ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ rumour mill.

After the announcement on his official website citing, “Gigi and Van Morrison are proud to announce the birth of their firstborn son, George Ivan Morrison III,” the news spread around the world, but according to the music legend it was the work of computer hackers!

Married to former Miss Ireland and mum of his two young children, Michelle Rocca, Van also has a 39-year-old daughter from his first marriage. He has been forced to deny the rumours of fathering this new baby three times but made himself look suspicious when it was revealed that he DOES know new mum Gigi Lee. It turns out Gigi is his former tour manager and business acquaintance.


After a lengthy apology to public relations company Fleishman-Hillard for denying he had ever meet Gigi, the mystery around the paternity of the newborn baby boy remains.

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