Vanessa and Nick Lachey’s son Camden caught in baby-dog stare down

Pic of Camden and the family’s four legged pet caught battling for attention


Vanessa Lachey has shared a perfectly timed photo of her and Nick Lachey’s little boy Camden having a staring competition with their dog, Wookie.


Posting the pic to her blog Vanessa wrote. “So before Cam was born there was another little man in my life: my doggies, Wookie. Now that Wookie has had to share some space in my heart for Cam, he’s had some adjusting to do. I sense a little jealousy in my little pup sometimes, and I think Cam is catching on, too.”

How sweet?! We’ve spent the morning switching between being totally on team Camden to then being all about team Wookie, as both are just too adorable. And my, hasn’t Camden grown! Camden’s only 4-months-old but can be seen here perched happily in a futuristic looking mini table-come-chair and he’s certainly got his toddler style down, in cool jeans, a blue long sleeved t-shirt and neatly parted hair (your fur looks good too, Wookie).

Vanessa says she calls this the ‘Baby-Doggie Stare Down” and we can’t wait for round 2!


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