Victoria Beckham HASN’T given birth yet

Despite Twitter rumours saying Posh Spice had given birth, it's been confirmed the Beckhams' baby girl hasn't arrived just yet. And it seems the baby's big brothers are talking 'American'!


While it was widely believed that pregnant Victoria Beckham had a caesarean booked in for July 4th, and despite tweets saying she gave birth right on schedule, the Beckhams’ representative has denied it.


“The rumours are rubbish. Victoria has not had the baby but will giving birth soon,” the spokesperson has said.

The Twitter rumours even stated the Beckhams’ had named their newborn baby girl Felicity!

“Contrary to certain reports, David and Victoria Beckham’s baby is not due today and that was never the case.”

But while Victoria is still waiting for the arrival of her much-wanted baby girl, the three boys she’s already got have been busy perfecting their American accents! Despite David and Victoria both being from Essex and having British accents, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are growing up to be all-American boys.

“I was putting Cruz to bed last night and I said something and he said, ‘Daddy, that’s so English!’ Because they’ve got full-on American accents now, anytime we say anything, they’re like, ‘Oh God, you’re so English!'” David told Heat magazine.

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