The issue of nudity and being naked comes up a lot in parenting: and people have lots of different views on it.


Some were shocked when Stacey Solomon revealed she still baths with her sons, aged 9 and 5.

And that story, about the mum who won't let her husband bathe with their daughters, really rocked the internet.

And now BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire has ruffled a few feathers by revealing that she walks around naked in front of her sons - aged 11 and 13.

Victoria had a right-side mastectomy in 2015 after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and says walking around in her birthday suit in her house is 'no big deal'.

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Speaking to Radio Times she said: "In my house I don’t have body issues. I have a partner and two boys... I walk around naked in front of them and it’s no big deal.

"I am happy for them to see what a mum of two who’s had breast cancer looks like."

What do you think?

Here at MFM we definitely take an 'each to their own' approach about this kind of stuff - we think Victoria might have got everyone talking because her boys are that bit older - in fact, one's a teenager.

But everyone's different, right? And different families do things in lots of different ways.

And we'd love to know what happens in your house. Are you happy to be naked in front of your little ones? What age (if at all) do you think you'll stop? Does it make a difference if you have boys or girls?

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Image: Victoria Derbyshire on Instagram

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